Thursday, October 30, 2014

magic in the fells

 IMG_0889Whenever I get together with Eva there’s magic.  Something about her awareness, her ability to soak in beauty and express joy makes Eva radiate magic.  I’ve never had a bad time with her.  Maybe it’s that we always plan to be together in our favorite, most beautiful places.  It’s so soul satisfying to be with someone who loves what you do.  Eva loves all that I love with 10 times more passion.  She just radiates light.

Anyway, so yesterday was forecasted to be beautiful.  Whenever I see an unusually beautiful day coming up I try to get together with Eva.  She was game to come down our way so that I could take her to my favorite spot in the Fells (a giant patch of conservation land near us where I often run).

This place was ablaze with autumn light and color.  We, both with our cameras in hand, drunk it all in. 

I’ll let the pictures try to share with you how beautiful the day was.   Too bad they can’t capture the warm fall breeze, the smell of fallen leaves, the crunch of them underfoot.  IMG_0866(of course, since we both love photography….there were a lot of pictures happening)IMG_0868 I love her little Skye.  She’s quite a bit younger than Hazel, but they love exploring together.  All of Eva’s kids are full of curiosity and childhood wonder.  She home schools them in the most full of life way you could imagine.  IMG_0880 Peter raced around those trails with his tongue hanging out like a happy dog.  Thankfully Eva’s boys were happy to race him…..I couldn’t keep up. IMG_0882 IMG_0886There were these florescent ferns, going out toward winter in a blaze of color.    IMG_0892 IMG_0897 IMG_0904 Lots of rock throwing and investigating.  IMG_0908 IMG_0914 IMG_0916 IMG_0920 IMG_0921 IMG_0924 I love how Eva’s shirt matched the ferns.    IMG_0932 IMG_0935 IMG_0936 IMG_0937 IMG_0941 And then we walked into the magical woods.  It’s like Narnia in there.  IMG_0944 IMG_0950 IMG_0963  IMG_0971 IMG_0980 IMG_0985 IMG_0990 IMG_1000 IMG_1005 IMG_1008

IMG_1013 Here’s Hazel’s I feel alive pose.  Maybe my most favorite shot of it ever. IMG_1014 IMG_1017 IMG_1025 IMG_1026 Eva and I sat here on the cushiony pine floor and talked about all kinds of ideas and new things as the kids made little lean to shelters.  They wanted to stay all day.  We all did……in a place like that you start to feel like time should just pause for a long time until you have time to inhale it all.   IMG_1042 IMG_1047 IMG_1050 IMG_1055 Hazel was up for taking pictures yesterday (which I’m always happy to take advantage of, since it doesn’t happen all the time).  Isn’t she getting so big?  IMG_1057 IMG_1059 And whenever I get the camera out for Peter he insists on whacking something or making some kind of tough guy face.  IMG_1060 IMG_1072 We had our little budding photographer Hazel take a picture of us before we headed back into the real world.  After being with Eva I’m always reminded that there’s beauty in slowing down and taking it all in, but there’s also beauty in the real world.  You just have to train your eyes to see it.  Check out her beautiful fine art photography here.  IMG_1079


  1. wow, soooo gorgeous! can we go there on new years day? i'm predicting perfect snowdusted woods. love you!

  2. Saydi you are just the awesomest!!!
    Time spent with you is priceless. Thank you for everything. What a truly magical day that was. Your pictures are WONDER-FULL. Love you!!!!

  3. There is something magical about Eva, isn't there? She just infuses you with life and hope and optimism. I always feel like I can tackle anything and be so much kinder and just a better person after being around her.

  4. Amazing. Darling pics of Hazel. And Eva is obviously a beautiful soul. Wish I knew her better. So glad you had this time together. xoxo

  5. These pictures are absolutely fabulous!!!! Please send me a little notice when you blog! I almost missed this! It's WONDER_FALL!



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