Friday, November 21, 2014

enjoy it. because it’s happening.

IMG_2505I’m going to stop myself before I start waxing all philosophical about how great family life is because I feel like I’m a broken record.  Almost all photo shoots feel pretty chaotic as they’re happening.  Family life is chaotic as it’s happening.  That’s why I’m so thankful for for the chance to freeze it with my camera.  To stop motion and take a closer look.  There’s always lots of light and beauty and love in the chaos.  (shoot, there I went, waxing, I’m going to stop now).  Just do me a favor and look at how beautiful these moments are. Even the really real ones….especially the really real ones. IMG_2534 IMG_2553 IMG_2349 IMG_2488 IMG_2569 IMG_2586  IMG_2665 IMG_2711 IMG_2679 IMG_3014IMG_2852   IMG_2900 IMG_2952 IMG_2822IMG_3002   IMG_2847 IMG_2850 IMG_2911 IMG_2927  IMG_2959 IMG_3018IMG_2982 

Enjoy it.(Merely) Because it's happening (and that's all the reason enough)


  1. I love your photography. It is breathtaking! Are you coming to dc sometime? :)

  2. This is astonishing! Truly love how you can freeze a magic moment forever with such pizzaz!

  3. Amazing photos. And where did these people get their AWESOME couch?!?



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