Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thankful Heart coming your way (finally….sorry).

Thanks so much to everyone who entered this little giveaway!   I loved reading through all your comments.  Really, it’s worth going back and reading those comments.  So many great idea!  I was so inspired by so many of them and have tried to incorporate some into my thanksgiving season.  I really feel like my week has been so much happier.   Thankfulness and happiness are indeed inseparably connected. 

I’ve probably thought about what Angie said 50 times this week as I’ve tried to enjoy the rays of light I see and the loud (sometimes happy) sounds in my home:

This time of year, I always think of Helen Keller. She wondered "what would happen if a ray of a ray of light" came into her darkness, or a sound rang through her silence. "What would happen?" she thought many a time. "Would my heart stop beating for very excess of happiness?"  We seldom give pause to give thanks for everyday blessings. 
count your blessings.

I picked two winners at random.  Drum roll please………

Blogger taggteam said...
Life is crazy with kids, but I learned about gratitude from a companion on my mission. Her prayers were so beautiful and so full of gratitude about the simplest things that I would often take for granted. Now, at dinner we all share something that we are grateful for. At times, my kids have to really think about it until I mention about their bed, or our yard or our 3 bathrooms. (We just moved from a tiny apartment in NYC.) Also at night I will tell them why I am grateful for them. Granted, it's harder on some nights than others, but it changes my heart and brings me closer to them.
9:32 AM


Blogger Monica Geary said...
I am always saying quiet 'grateful prayers' when going about my busy day and try to keep a gratitude journal throughout the year. We also do a Thanksgiving tree as a family which has always been fun to look at the answers over the years.
4:20 PM
Please email me at saydriaatgmaildotcom with your address so I can get the books shipped out to you asap. 

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  1. Yipee! I never win a contest so this is extra exciting! Can't wait to read this beautiful book! Thanks for such a wonderful blog!



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