Sunday, February 08, 2015

Hallelujah! A party planner!

IMG_5069Hazel offered to plan Emmeline’s birthday party, which was a huge relief to me (I’m swamped in November with photo editing).  She did an amazing job, i mean, world class.  She planned it out, made invitations, sent them, stuffed a piñata, made up games, made and decorated the cake.  All I had to do was take her to the store and buy the stuff.  And at the party I didn’t have to do a thing but take pictures of all the magic that was happening.  Hazel is really good at planning things, and extremely gifted with younger children.  She had them all eating out the the palm of her hand.  Smart as she is, she saw that this was her ticket to start her own little party planning business and had business cards all ready to hand out to moms when they picked up their kids.  She’s been planning parties ever since.  It’s a perfect pre-babysitter way to earn money. IMG_5238Since Hazel’s such a good writer, and was really in the details of this party I’m going to let her write the rest of this post.  Love you haze!

I really love party planning it is awesome. It is an awesome way to interact with little kids while earning money. We started with an opening craft, making fairy wands. As you can see, emmeline loves her creation.  IMG_5050 IMG_5054 While we were waiting for the rest of the group to finish, the girls gazed at Em’s cake. IMG_5081 IMG_5085 Next up, pin the wings on the fairy. This one was em’s idea. I found this web site where you can create your own fairy and print it out.    IMG_5091 And then (drum roll please….) the piñata. we bought this one online because last time we tried to make our own out of card board it took forever to break open.IMG_5093 IMG_5104 After that, we did a fairy adventure with fairy dust and bubbles(??) trying to find various fairy accessories following the path of bubbles that we blew to the correct location.IMG_5109 IMG_5118  IMG_5130 It took a long time.IMG_5136  and then………. pictures.IMG_5146 IMG_5151  IMG_5177 IMG_5181 IMG_5186 IMG_5197IMG_5202 Emmelines fairy friend (Shannon, who has been giving em little gifts and trinkets for years) sent a package in the mail to emmeline (fairy mail) so I decided that emmeline could open that at her party too IMG_5217 IMG_5226  And finally cake. Emmeline was delighted with her cake and was also delighted that I had stuffed so much candy in her cake too.IMG_5243 IMG_5249 Then em got to open her presents and was sooooo happyIMG_5281 IMG_5290 IMG_5365

To finally wrap up and to get the kids calm we played dead donkey. It was very FUNNY.

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE  EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Love, Hazel

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  1. Your kids look very beautiful and I am sure your party has gone very well. Anyways, I am looking an expert party planner for my son’s birthday party. Can you please share your planner details with me?



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