Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Biscuit turned 6 (back in November)

IMG_1102(sorry about all the birthday posts in a row….that’s the way they come around here.)  Way back in November this little Emmeline of ours turned six.  Boy did we celebrate!  Since she was turning an even number she got to have a big birthday bash with friends.  I’m gonna let Hazel guest post about that tomorrow since she was miss party planner extraordinaire.  (She has a party planning business – which I’ll let her explain).  But on Em’s actual day we had a little family party with the other half of her party cake and a little dinner and some simple gifts.  IMG_5387IMG_5394I have loved going through these pictures a few months later.  Emmeline is one of those children who is sometimes a little challenging to appreciate in the moment, but boy, these pictures really capture her sparkle, the deep soul who she is.    Makes me sad that it’s so hard to see all this in the moment sometimes.  I mean, look at those expressions.  Underneath her sometimes crusty/feisty/frantic self this girl is full of life and light and goodness. 

IMG_5393  So here are some things I love about Emmeline right now, as a six year old.  (a few illustrated with pictures, many not)  IMG_5375It’s pretty gratifying to give to Em, she’s quite a thankful and expressive little gift receiver.   IMG_5381IMG_5352 Look at those clasped hands!  Most of the time she treats Peter with so much love and sweetness.  She seems to always be negotiating him through life.  She helps him dress, clean their room, write his name, ‘read’ a story and she is forever playing “family” with him.  Of course she has her share of bossy mean big sister moments, but most of the time she is good to him.  She loves him with a deep sibling love that makes me burst with happiness.    IMG_5353  2014-10-10 Charity's wedding 15010This picture is from Charity’s wedding (which was epic by the way).  Em is a fantastic friend.  She is a social little creature, always wanting to play with cousins/friends/siblings.  And she’s good at playing.  She very rarely needs my help in a social situation, and I’m realizing more and more that this is a true gift.  She eases into new social situations with eagerness and ease that I haven’t seen before.  She’s almost always good to her friends and helps them engage in good, imaginative play.  IMG_4204IMG_3531 She is a brave little soul.  Here she is on her first day of school. She didn’t really hesitate for a minute to march into that huge school.  Of course she dwelt on the kissing hand and showered me with dramatic hugs and even told me about the butterflies in her tummy, but none of it made her turn back for a second.  She’s full of confidence and really not an ounce of insecurity. Sometimes I wonder if our England adventure made her brave.  Other times I think she was just born that way.  Probably a little of both.  Brave little soul.  IMG_4198Emmeline is my neat child.  She is forever setting up little stations/dolls/tea parties/school rooms etc.  She likes things to have places, she remembers to put things back in their places and she ALWAYS knows where my phone and keys and bags are.  She has had this (very handy) talent since she was able to speak.  It’s hard wired (and so foreign to me that I can’t believe she’s my child!)

She always puts together cute little outfits, complete with hair accessories and jewelry.  I love her spunky little style. 

She is extremely sensitive and wont let me go near her hair with a brush (which is why it’s always cut short….and usually a little messy).IMG_4479

She’s got a VOICE.  That girl can belt out the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow like I did when I was her age.  Loud loud loud.  For her birthday present from me I took her and Hazel to see Annie in Boston.  She was mesmerized for the first half and then a little tired and antsy for the second half which she fought off by dancing in our little box (that we snuck into) the whole time.  Little funky little dances to all the music.  It was almost as fun to watch her as it was to watch the play. 

She’s smart as a whip.  I’m always astounded by the things she picks up.  She loves to listen to me read chapter books and half the time I wonder if she’s following what’s going on and then she’ll astound me with a statement or question that tells me that she’s getting it all.  She loves math.  Mostly she loves writing (hand writing).  She can copy any kind of writing I give her.  IMG_5154And she’s a good little artist.  Here’s the drawing she drew on a towel we used to wrap some bread in to bring our neighbors who had boy with ankle surgery (you can kind of see the cast on his leg) a sick dog (see the cone of shame on the dog?) IMG_5129She’s got a wicked good sense of humor.  (sorry if this picture is offensive to anyone).  She and Hazel used some knitting yarn to make themselves pregnant like our friend Heidi.  Em cracked me up walking around like this with her tap shoes on.  IMG_4184  I love this selfie we tried to take at the temple in Salt Lake.  Emmeline makes a face similar to this about 4 times an hour over various things.  She’s got life figured out and if it isn’t working the way she thinks it should she get’s upset.  Really upset.  Like 0 to 60 in 2 seconds.  But then she usually calms back down just as quickly.  And for that, I am grateful.  I have to tell myself that even this annoying characteristic is going to bring her strength once she has it harnessed.  She will learn to channel all that indignation and passion into good things.  I know she will. She has a good heart.  IMG_4245Emmeline Rose,  I’m thankful for all of you. The naughty and the nice.  The feisty and the fun.  The order and the chaos.  

Because without one, there would not be the other.

I love who you are, I can’t wait to see who you become. 

Love, Mom.

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  1. ahhhh i love that emmy girl.
    miss you all of you!



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