Sunday, February 01, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma Shumway!


IMG_5252Artwork by Emmeline

It’s a big day for our Grandma Shumway today so we (the kids and I) wanted to post some pictures up here of her throughout the years.  I’ve always loved my mother-in-law, but going through these pictures where she is frozen into the fabric of so many of our family moments and memories has made me realize just how lucky we are to have her, as a mother, a mother-in-law and a grandmother.  She is elegant, classy, smart, driven, thoughtful, good, hard working, fiercely devoted to us and spiritually solid.  She loves to teach my kids new things, experience the beauty in the world, work on a good puzzle, read and pass on good books and send thoughtful care packages for us all.  If you’re gonna have a baby, she’s the lady you want to have around about two to three weeks in when the baby has decided that he/she doesn’t really want to be crammed into that little body, stuck in that chaotic household.  She brings some method to all the newborn madness, gets us all organized and under control.  Anytime she gets the family together every thoughtful little detail has been considered and worked out….there are welcome gifts, constructive activities and crafts for the kids, outings planned, logistics all worked out and communicated and (best of all) lots of good food and (of course) cookies.

  -6263And, as measured and collected as she is, she’s not afraid to really enjoy the ride.

She handmade these gorgeous blankets for each of my children.  Heirlooms, really.  Grandma Shumway's Quilt 002Here’s Hazel’s (made to replicate one that she had made for Jeff when he was a baby that he loved to death)2006-2 Charlie 2-3 weeks 043And Charlie’s ^^Hazel's pics-5830And Emmeline’s ^^ (sorry it’s black and white)IMG_1325and Peters ^^IMG_5997She took me and my sister-in-laws to NYC for an amazing weekend  few years ago (we missed you MA).IMG_73202007-02-02 Happy Birthday Nedra 014IMG_6313She is always sending/giving the most thoughtful care packages and activity boxes to my kids.  They know she loves them. Hazel's pics-5846IMG_6338

IMG_2014 IMG_2065 Always has a good idea to keep the kids stimulated and busy and happy.IMG_2446  IMG_7361

 2005-12 Utah christmas pics 071

Here’s what my kids had to say when we asked them what they thought of when they thought of Grandma Shumway:

  • Peter: I like Grandma Shumway...she gives me presents! oh, and my car blankie.
  • Emmeline: My grandma lives in California, I remember sleeping in the living room in a sleeping bag, going to the beach house with Grandma
  • Charlie: Going to the Dracena park playground and jumping off swings, giving great presents (like Erector sets), sending email cards and real cards on holidays, always send ornaments for Christmas, and giving us little craft projects for holidays
  • Hazel: She taught me how to do lots of needlework, doing thoughtful things like a scavenger hunt for presents, and really welcoming when we come to her house. For Grandma camp she takes us to lots of places like Fentons, and fancy places for tea, and cool art museums. Once we were walking around san Francisco and I saw really pretty flowers and she bought them for me. She also takes me to cool plays like Peter Pan. Grandma always knows how to solve things like puzzles.
  • We love you Grandma Shumway.  (And sorry about the public display of affection here, I know it’s not your favorite thing….but we want this to be part of our family history here on the blog.  We are so thankful for you).

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