Saturday, September 12, 2015

Chatsworth House.

Seen Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly?  This is where that was filmed, Chatsworth House.  Forget dreamy Mr. Darcy, I just want Pemberly.  What would it be like to live surrounded by all that beauty all the time?  Heaven.  IMG_2015We got to spend a magical vivid green day there with these people:  IMG_2066IMG_2064It was one of my favorite days yet.  One of those slow motion, crystally days.  IMG_2019There was this awesome fountain that spanned a long hill that the kids played in forever.  IMG_2046IMG_2048IMG_2051IMG_2056While I took pictures and grown ups talked.  IMG_2060IMG_2068IMG_2069IMG_2075IMG_2091IMG_2099We walked round the massive gardens and through a hedge maze. IMG_2102IMG_2107The light and the flowers and these angel faces were impossible not to snap away at all day long with my camera. IMG_2118IMG_2127IMG_2137IMG_2138IMG_2142IMG_2151IMG_2153IMG_2155aren’t these grounds spectacular?IMG_2158IMG_2161IMG_2162IMG_2165

IMG_2171Perfect place for jumping shots, no?  I know these jumping shots are getting pretty old, but it’s sometimes the only way I can get my kids to pose for pictures!IMG_2172IMG_2169(here’s what we look like before the jumping shots Smile ^^^ still some reluctance going on)IMG_2178IMG_2180IMG_2186IMG_2190IMG_2196It was so fun having my niece Elle with us that day.  She knows how to drink a place in. IMG_2204And oh how I love these people.  Every one of them.  IMG_2213IMG_2223IMG_2229IMG_2237

It was one of those lay-in-your-bed-overcome-with-gratitude days.  


  1. Oh man I loved hearing more about this from you...didn't hear a lot of these details from Elle. Love all those gorgeous pics and all those amazing people. Love you!

  2. Simply dazzling photography and people to go along with it!

  3. Wow! That place looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.



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