Friday, January 15, 2016

More Switzerland Beauty

IMG_3818We took off on our own, directed by T and A for our second day in Switzerland.  We drove up through Julier Pass, through little mountain towns, all the way to snow!  In July!  My kids though it was the best to have a snow fight in shorts and t-shirts.  IMG_3823IMG_3826Least the scenery deceive you, this day was not totally beautiful.  We probably had to stop 15 times (no exaggeration) during the first hour to give time outs on the side of the road.  Not sure why those kids were so mad at each other, fighting non-stop when they were surrounded by so much beauty!  Must have been the mid-trip grumpies.  They were just grumpy and not fun to be stuck in a small car with.  We nearly gave up and turned back, it really felt like torture.  But we pushed through, and now we have this vague memory of how hard that was, but mostly we have these beautiful pictures and the kids just remember the snow in July.  Like my sister-in-law says, you sometimes just have to push through and “live in anticipation of the memory.”IMG_3833IMG_3835The air was so clean and we felt the thrill that only mountains and fresh air can give you.  IMG_3836IMG_3837IMG_3843IMG_3845IMG_3849IMG_3855IMG_3862You’d never guess from this shot that these two were wanting to kill each other 20 min earlier.  Oh, I love photography.  IMG_3869IMG_3877IMG_3880We stopped at an old fort and climbed up the mountain to the ruins.  You’ll notice that a few kids aren’t with us.  They were too upset and stayed at the bottom.  But those who went got the thrill of the view.  And peter fought imaginary dragons the whole way up.  I’m SOOO thankful for those imaginary dragons.  They’ve gotten us up such great heights.  IMG_3882IMG_3886IMG_3888

IMG_3895Emmeline: little miss crazy.  IMG_3897IMG_3902Peter, Dragon Slayer.  IMG_3907IMG_3908Loved the cloud shadows.  IMG_3914IMG_3918We came home to Tal and Anita and had another great dinner with them and swam in their pool.  Hazel is obsessed with anything Anita cooked.  She is a great cook, and the ingredients there seemed so whole and real, with so much more taste than our food.IMG_3924After dinner and getting the kids down Jeff stayed with them so that we could take a hike/walk up behind T and A’s house . We just kept walking up and up, for like two hours.  Just when my mouth was parched from all that uphill walking we walked past cherry trees with the most deliciously ripe black cherries that were for the taking.  Oh, yum.  That after dinner hike was enough to make me want to move right in.   IMG_3933Can you believe this is behind their house??  Look at that view.  IMG_3935IMG_3939We walked up through this forest where the sun was peeking through the trees like fire.  This sunset was happening around 10:30pm! IMG_3941IMG_3943IMG_3947IMG_3927And I loved being surrounded by the happiness of Tal an Anita. They were just bursting with the kind of satisfaction that you have when you’re turning dreams into reality. IMG_3961IMG_3967IMG_3971IMG_3975IMG_3980IMG_3983IMG_3984Such a beautiful ending to kind of a challenging day.  But one full of breath taking majesty.  God is an incredible artist.  IMG_3952IMG_3987IMG_3988


  1. Gorgeous Saydi. So glad you're still documenting your adventures. And I'm hoping for Tal and Anita. Will be keeping them in mind for sure. Miracles. We have to count on them!

  2. Love this and love the truth about traveling with kids and LOVE Switzerland except for the spitting bit!

  3. Wow!!! I can't get over the gorgeous scenery! Switzerland just looks like a dream. I love the realness in your post about kids fighting - that's my family so much of the time (I HATE it!). But it's reassuring to know that it's pretty much normal, and that even amazing, deliberate parents have the same issues. I really love the advice from you SIL about pushing through in anticipation of the memory.

  4. I love you Sayds.



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