Saturday, October 22, 2016

Apples and Books 2016


IMG_0673Our traditional apple and books back to school photos happened in two trips to the orchard this year. One with just my three youngest and one will Hazel along and some friends.  This is one of the only times all year that I pull out my good camera to take real pictures of my kids.  I love and hate it.  Walking through those orchards is beautiful, but always a bit chaotic with all those books and a heavy camera.  But the photos are worth it all.  I love documenting these kids getting bigger and capturing some of their favorite books of the year.  IMG_9727IMG_9733     IMG_9741IMG_9753IMG_9751IMG_9757IMG_9760IMG_9764IMG_9767IMG_9769IMG_9773IMG_9780

Somehow balancing an apple on your head has become part of this tradition. Not sure how, but the kids just can’t get enough.  IMG_9784It’s good for me to see Emmeline in photos.  She has so much personality packed into that little crazy spirit.  That magic split-second-shutter captures lots of the sparkle and delight that’s sometimes overshadowed by the some of her not so great behavior.  Deep down she is golden and full of delight.IMG_9755


pete 3pete2Peter is actually reading a little this year.  He was so excited to finally bring a book that he can read on his own! 




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  1. Looks like a GRAND day of apples and books with the Krucks! Thanks for posting!

  2. What a great tradition!!

  3. These photos are fantastic!



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