Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Biscuit Turns 8


Emmeline turned 8! 

Could it really be that this snuggly little girl who cuddled her way into our lives is now 8?   We’ve had 8 years of the biscuit showing us how to turn up the volume on life, how to explore every cranny, how to live the spectrum.  IMG_5915-2IMG_5823

Emmeline is fiery and fun and feisty.  She is cuddly and creative and smart.  Her brain works in a way that you can see through her expressions, the cogs in there turning on concepts and rolling out ideas and questions. 

She is a good friend to siblings and school mates and cousins but also knows how to be inside of her own brain.  She knows how to put herself together and how to royally fall apart.   She can hold on tight and she can also let go.  She is deep at times, but also simple, which seems to make it easy to forget bad and cling to good.  She is easily exacerbated and frustrated and upset, but also easily delighted, living almost completely in the present.  Feeling everything at once.  IMG_5892

She takes life for the rollercoaster ride that it is.  Jumping into most things with little expectation, emerging sometimes upset, but mostly delighted.

She knows how to put herself together and how to royally fall apart. She can stomp up a storm, shaking the whole house, and almost in the same breath give the most flutteringly soft and gentle kisses.  She falls of her elephant hourly, but always finds her way back to the reigns eventually.IMG_5843

Basically, this one is hard to tame.  But I’m beginning to let go of that as I realize that maybe that’s not the goal.   


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