Thursday, March 16, 2017

Baby GOATS!! Maaaa.


Hello, this is Emmeline.  I would like to tell you about my baby goats.  My landlord just came home with two baby goats one day.  They were only 4 days old.  And then a few days later we went to the goat farm, Harley Farms, and picked out June.  The other two we named May and April.  April has a black line down her back and brown around the back of her back.  May is just like that, but in place of the brown there is black.  So she is just black and white.  And June is just like April, just has a white stripe across her back.  IMG_6123

We have to bottle feed them every day.  Three times a day.  They suck really hard on the bottle.  You need a nipple to feed them.  Our nipples broke because our dog chewed them up and then we got new ones that were meant for baby sheep.  We use Corona bottles to feed them.  Don’t worry everyone, we got the bottles from the goat farm.  The goat farm uses Corona bottles too.

The goats hop sideways when you run and they go after you hopping.  Most of the time they stay in the barn with the doors shut with the chickens and pigs and everybody is all around the barn.  But sometimes we let them out to play on the grass.  They follow us like three little pogo sticks. 

Mochi is supposed to be their protector, but Mochi is too little and we’re trying to train her to not chase the goats.  It scares me when she chases them.




Here is Peter with April.  April used to have a floppy ear because she was too curled up in her mommy’s tummy.  But then it got better.  April, I think, is the oldest.  Actually May.  IMG_6060

Here is Hazel holding May.  Hazel had the idea of naming them months.  I like the name June the best.  We play a game with them where we run to one side of the barn and they follow us and it gives them their exercise.  IMG_6133

Here is a picture of getting June.  Hazel had to hold her, but I wanted to.  Can you believe we took her in our car?  We got her on Sunday, that’s why everyone is wearing Sunday clothes.  Hazel had napkins on her lap so that June wouldn’t pee on her dress.  IMG_6118

This is Charlie holding May.  He is not holding her right.  You are meant to give their legs a hug when you want to pick them up.  They are so soft, but adult goats, their fur is kind of rough.  I want our goats hair to stay fluffy. 


This is when we first got surprised with April and May.  I am holding May, the wrong way, and Hazel is holding April, the wrong way. 

I love these goats, these are the best pets in the world, but you have to get baby ones to have the best pets in the world.  The big ones are horrible.  As soon as these ones get bigger we’re going to have someone lend us our billy goat so that these ones can have babies.  Then we’ll always have little cute baby goats. 

And hopefully soon we are going to get a pregnant goat, so we can milk a goat and see a goat have babies.

So those are MAAAAAAAA goats!


  1. This might be the sweetest post I have ever read!!! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

  2. Hi Emmeline,
    Julie from the UK here.

    This is lovely, I loved hearing about your goats. I bet you're having a lot of fun with them.

    I love their names, those are brill.:) (Brilliant)

    It sounds like you are enjoying your time on the farm.

    Hope it's not raining too much.

    I've always wanted to bottle feed a baby goat or a sheep/lamp. I bet you're loving doing this.

    Hope you'll do another post soon.x

  3. I loved reading about your baby goats Emmaline! I like that you named them all months. I think my favorite name is May. But they're all really cute. I didn't know there was a special way to hold a baby goat, so you taught me something new. Sounds like a really fun adventure to live on a real farm. (And hard work too!) Thanks for writing on your Mom's blog to tell us about it!



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