Monday, March 27, 2017

Farmer Peter


Hi, I’m Peter.  I just turned 6.  This is my dog Mochi.  I am by a stream in the pasture.  Mochi looks really excited.  This is when I first learned how to be friends with Mochi.  At first she kind of jumped on me and then she kind of tried to bite me. I wanted to just stay inside all the time.  Because I was scared she would bite me.  But I just kept on going outside more and more.  I learned that she wasn’t biting at all and she liked me.  If I had a friend who came to the farm I would tell them that Mochi is not biting and she won’t jump on you as long as you get to know her more.  She is just a puppy even though she looks like a dog. 

I like the baby goats and I also like the chickens.  We have 32 to chickens.  And two that are laying blue eggs.  I have tasted a little bit of one of the eggs.  It tastes just like a normal egg.  We are saving all the eggs for Easter.  I try to catch the chickens every time I go into the barn.  And I have my own Chicken named Juke.  She is a black chicken and she is really fast and she always, when I’m trying to catch her, finds a shortcut. 

My favorite thing about being on the farm is feeding the goats.  I like when they come up to you and they start drinking really fast.  They always wiggle their tails really fast. IMG_6818

My job on the farm is all the water.  That means I’m in charge of making sure we have enough water from our pump and I water all the plants in the greenhouse and in the orchard.  When we are out of water I just go down to the pump by the river and we turn it on.  You have to make sure that the red thing in it is spinning so that it can pump water up to the giant tank on the hill.  We have to filter our water because it comes from a very dirty river.  I like my job because I like to drink water a lot, so every day I go and do the pump with my cousins who are here. 

I am glad I am living on a farm because it is fun to work.  Sometimes I would like to play, but sometimes when I get working I like it. 

It’s also really pretty here.  Every morning there’s a little frost on the grass and it looks really pretty.  And right now it is winter and we’ve been to the beach in winter. That’s pretty cool because it’s pretty cold in Boston. I like being farmer Peter.


  1. Dear Farmer Peter,
    I loved hearing about farm life from your perspective. I'm glad you were able to make friends with Mochi. My husband had a Great Pyrenees when he was a teenager and he really loved his dog! That's neat that you are the water man on the farm - a VERY important job! I hope you continue to enjoy working and playing on your farm.

  2. I LOVE FARMER PETER! with all my heart!



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