Monday, May 29, 2017

Peter's life on the farm right now

Hi, it's Peter.

I am getting dirt bikes.  It will be very very fun.  I might make a book.  It will be about the bridges place that I live close to.  The bridges place is where there are lots of bridges over a river.  The bridges are made out of trees that have fallen over the river.  One is very skinny and has trees growing out of the other tree.  Which I think are branches.  But they are too big to be branches, so they are trees.  But they don't really have any roots.  They are using the nutrients from the tree that fell down to grow.

Back onto the dirt bikes.  Now the dirt bikes are gonna be pretty fast and pretty complicated, but I'm not going to ride them, so that's good.  Me and my sister Emmeline are going to get some that are electric that are simple.  We are saving up right now.  They will both be electric.  My mom has a thing that is a bank and it is called bank of mom and we put money in our savings and we save up for it.  They are both $100.   Right now I have about $40 saved up.  I am earning this money by points called Jolly Rancher Points and that gives me money.  To get jolly rancher points I get all my home school done and my practicing and my chores.

I'm still doing my watering chores every day.  Because my mom and dad say that if I really like water a lot, which I do, then I should water the plants.  So I do that.  It's very very hard.  I have a brother that helps me though, named Charlie.  I have five grape plants and I have to water one with the watering bucket because it's too far for the hose.

I am going to Hawaii in one day.  I am going to a hotel that has three swimming pools, one has a water slide, but none else.  It will be very very fun.  I am staying there for one night cause it costs too much money for my mom.  She got it with free points.  I am going to stay with my cousins there.

I have a teacher named Ms. Tunemaster, she is my piano teacher.  She is a lot like my mom.  She dresses almost the same as my mom.  She is very nice.  I am getting very good at piano.  I really want to be an author of books sometime.  Or someone who writes songs.  Piano songs.  I already made one up.  That was fun.

Remember Mochi?  My dog? She is a great Pyrenees.  She is very big, like you saw in my other blog post.   She is very jumpy.  When I first got to California I was scared of dogs, but I got better at being around dogs.  She has been going to our neighbors house who owns a place and she doesn't really like to have Mochi there so we have to keep her in the property.  That's hard.

We have a neighbor named Mark.  He really likes the car Porsche.  My brother named Charlie does too.  I like Mark, but I've never seen his Porsche.  He as a barn full of them.  He also has a tractor that he has let us borrow. It's very big.  WE have planted two acres before.  Of cover crop.  Cover crop is something you grow and then you till it back in and it makes good soil.  We might make a corn crop that is two acres.   How we put all the seed in the two acres is we just threw it around the two acres and then tilled it with the tractor that we borrowed from Mark.

Well, I better go.  I am going to a Mexican gas station right now.  It's a very yummy gas station.  Mexican food gas station.  Then we are going to pick strawberries.

Bye Bye.  Have a good life.

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  1. Dear Peter,
    Thank you for this wonderful update! This is one of the best blog posts I have ever read. It made me smile.
    That is so cool that you get to go to Hawaii and spend the night at a fancy hotel and be with your cousins. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. My kids love hotels too. They think it's the best part of a vacation.
    Good luck with your school work and farm chores and earning money for your bike. I bet you're getting really strong doing all the watering.
    And good luck with writing a book and music. I bet the song you made up is awesome!



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