Thursday, June 29, 2017

Updates on living stuff

HI! Hazel here! Life on the farm is becoming a little bit more ordinary. There aren’t as many times in the day when I gaze around and think “WOW!”
The fields are turning ‘Golden’ as they call it (but really it’s brown), and big cracks are forming all over the dry ground! But still, beauty can be found anywhere here! Only this morning I found droplets of water beautifully formed on a thistle!
Our baby goats are growing! We have stopped feeding them milk and formula from bottles. This has made me and Emmeline's morning animal trip much easier. Now all that we have to do is lead the goats into their pasture with plum leaves (which they absolutely love) and let the chickens out to free range. The plan is to get milking full- grown goats to add in to the herd soon!
IMG_0013 - CopyIMG_0014 - CopyIMG_0006 - CopyIMG_0007 - Copy
These goats are still adorable! They faithfully run after us wherever we go! 

Our chickens are full-sized , and we are expecting eggs any day now! As it turns out, we also have a rooster! He makes hilarious cocka-doodle-doo sounds. It is making us feel a lot more farmy!

Mochi is growing up and becoming less puppy, but still has her playful flare-ups where she will jump or nip.IMG_8940
And she is helpful, she barks at deer and KILLS GOPHERS!! ^^ this is her pulling a gopher out of it’s hole.
Also, we got 30,000 bees in three different hives. I absolutely love  checking on their progress through the little windows outside of the hive! At first I was nervous about them, but I haven’t been stung once!
I feel like my mother is understating our farming progress. We have had 4 full salads made from our garden, we have been eating our own peapods for snacks, and a lot of other plants will be coming out with produce like tomatoes, onions, berries, and other stuff soon. But who knows, maybe everything will die. IMG_0019IMG_0020IMG_0024IMG_0026IMG_0027IMG_0028IMG_0029
Any way, life's pretty good here, things are growing, things are dying, but I guess its all part of the adventure.

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  1. Wonderfully, written Hazel! I especially like your thoughts on finding beauty, your appreciation of your mom, and your understanding that "who knows, maybe everything will die"



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