Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools!

Happy April Fools Day!
The kids and I have been giddy all day pulling all kinds of little pranks. I don't know why I've been so into April Fools day this year....I think I have to attribute it to a serious lack of sleep....I'm starting to get loopy. I have probably had more laugh attacks in the past few days than I have in a long laughing until I cry has really confused my kids....they've never seen me like this. But, they're not complaining....I guess they figure loopy mom is better than the grump they've had around here lately.

Here's a list of our fabulous pranks...all in a days work!:

1. Jeff and I switched the kids around in their sleep last night. We put Hazel in Charlie's little bed and hoisted little Charlie, blankies and all up into Hazel's loft bed. I went to sleep with a sneaky smile on my face, imagining them being all happily confused in the morning. I woke up to charlie SCREAMING bloody murder at 2am (right in the middle of my only chance for a four hour stretch of sleep between Emmeline feedings). I ran into their room and found them both confused and crying as they climbed into their proper beds. I guess that joke was more on me then on them. They didn't even remember it in the morning.
2. After changing Emmeline's diaper this morning I brought a diaper into Hazel and Charlie and told them to check out this strange poop of Emmeline's. They both declared the two large lumps in the diaper to be gross....but absolutely freaked when I said, "I wonder what it tastes like?" and popped one of the lumps in my mouth. Hazel screamed, "NO MOM!!!!" before she realized that it was an Almond Joy that I was eating. I then offered her the other lump, a Butterfinger. She ate it happily. Charlie wouldn't touch a bite of any of the chocolate. I tried to convince him the the diaper was clean and it was only a joke....but he told me that he definitely didn't want any....declaring that he wasn't grossed out, it was just a new "goal" of his to not eat candy. Hmm....we'll see how long that goal lasts.
3. I put green food coloring in the milk and told them it was moldy. This was a little hard for me to undo and get them to eat their cereal.
4. I switched the cereal bags around so they were all confused when they poured what they thought was their favorite cereal into their bowls.
5. We super glued some quarters onto the sidewalk in front of our house. A ton of school kids walk by our house on the way to school each day. Hazel and Charlie had some great entertainment watching for "good noticers" to see the money and try to pick it up. I just got darn super glue all over my hands.
6. Hazel and Charlie both sported fake injuries at their music class this morning. Charlie plastered band aids all over his face....Hazel wore ACE bandages on her foot and hand. When people asked them what happened they both said, "I got hit by a car!" (Charlie said it more like "I got hitted by a cawr.") They really tricked a few concerned moms with that one before blurting out "April Fools!" (or in Charlie's case, he got mixed up and blurted out "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" a few times).
7. The old sink sprayer trick.....I put a rubber band on the sink sprayer and totally drenched Hazel when I ordered her to wash her hands. This is not a good trick to play on a highly sensitive 4 year old. She was in tears for 30 seconds....then she thought it was hilariously funny. We played the same trick on dad when he surprised us and came home early from a business trip. Hazel thought it was funnier played on someone else.
8. I took Hazel on a date. We went to get Ice Cream and then I told her I was taking her Target to pick up diapers for Emmeline. Instead, I took her to Chuck E. Cheese....she had been BEGGING all week to do this for her date and moaning when I told her no. She thought it was the best trick ever, especially because it made it a secret from Charlie who surely would be green with envy. Why do my kids like that place so much? Maybe because we only relent and take them there once every 2 years. I hate that place. But today, I liked it. It was just me and Hazel and it was fun following her around and watching how good she is at whacking moles.

So, all in all, a pretty good day. In a funny way, I'm really thankful for April Fools Day. I needed something to lighten the mood around here. It made me remember how much i like my kids....and I liked the way they looked at me when I laughed. I need to do that more often. Less rushing rushing and more laughing till I cry and green milk comes out my nose.


  1. Those are some funny tricks! Good job. I love April Fools.

  2. I laughed until I cried reading this.

  3. This is HILARIOUS! I had no idea that you are the absolute April Fools MASTER! Darn, we have to wait a whole year to try some of this out at our house, although Dad would be a little hard to carry to another bed!

  4. Oh my goodness, Mike and I are both in hysterics over here. Seriously, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

  5. So fun! This was my first year getting into April Fool's and it was so much fun! I left a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom and David totally fell for it. Our baby Julia is only 4 months. Thanks for some great ideas to pull on the kids for next year.



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