Friday, April 10, 2009

Emmeline 5 Mo

Geeze, this girl is growing up. We're loving every second of it. Seriously, I love this girl more than I can even describe. She is so mellow and flexible and easily distracted and delighted. She is such a perfect addition to our family.
When Charlie saw her in this outfit (not my personal favorite) his little face totally lit up and he exclaimed, "OOOOHHH!!! Little Emmeliney Rosey looks SO SOOOOOO cute!" I guess he's a sucker for cutsey pink fleece with puffed sleeves!
This is a common Emmeline expression lately. She's studying. She studies everything....especially what we're all putting into our mouths.

She is pretty attached to this little Elephant.....mostly she likes to eat it and talk to it.

And she has found her thumb. Very advanced. Hazel and Charlie never discovered the thumb sucking joy. I'm thrilled....hoping this will mean that I won't have to insert the binkie as much....
Aside from sleeping for long stretches at night (she really doesn't do more than four hour stretches....I know, what happened to that 2 mo old Emmeline who was sleeping 11 hours? It was what I two week fluke) she is a dreamy baby.

I think we'll keep her.

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  1. oh sayds...she's a gorgeous girl. Can't wait to snuggle her up!



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