Wednesday, September 09, 2009

baby clara

-0696 I’m loving taking pictures of all these new newborns. The only trouble is they make me incredibly baby hungry. Yes, Emmeline is only 10 months old, but she’s big. She’s pulling herself up and babbling and squawking and has suddenly sprouted a very strong will. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death….but there’s nothing like a newborn. Nothing. -0407This little Clara was lucky enough to have a very talented aunt who made her this amazing blessing dress. she wasn't too fond of all the frills after a while, but still did a great job at putting up with me.-0309 -0662 -0528 -0597I love these two pictures of her dad….showing how newborns can go from perfectly unhappy to a picture of peace in just a matter of moments. ah, sleeping babies are beautiful. -0653 -0672


  1. Beautiful photos! I know Clara's parents but haven't met her yet. She's a cutie!

  2. Saydi --

    Especially love baby on the bench; and with her mamma looking at her.

  3. Absolutely amazing photos! Beautiful new baby --- yes, it does make me want a newborn too. Love the pics of C & K with Clara individually. Amazing.

  4. i love the newborn babies. julia is 10 months and cruising around. i am already for another one. the pictures are beautiful. i would love to get some family pictures taken when we pass Boston on our way to or from New Hampshire next year. a long way off, i know.



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