Tuesday, September 01, 2009

tying up the summer

it’s here.  that change in the air.  that single bright orange leaf stuck to the sidewalk.  that urge to pull out a few sweaters (even if it’s not cold enough) and eat hot oatmeal in the morning. 

and suddenly, just because of that slight little change, I'm feeling that thrill of anticipation: crisp days, apple picking, hardy mums, trips to farms, harvest, pumpkin and butternut squash somehow edging their way into every meal, twirling bright leaves, Halloween, thanksgiving, snow, Christmas.  There is such joy in anticipating.  I’m not sure I could live someplace without such distinct seasons.  I will certainly feel differently in March….trust me.  But, for now, I’m just letting the anticipation spread a smile on my face.  My kids are excited too.  I love anticipating with them.

So, before the anticipation of fall carries me away, I need to wrap up summer.

August around here has consisted of:

  • beach trips
  • scrounging for pools or water parks or lakes….anyplace to get wet and cool down
  • photo shooting and editing (maybe too much of this)
  • park hopping
  • a lot of sweating (…..it has been mighty hot and humid and our three whimpy window a/c units make sure we feel it)
  • house projects (not too much progress here, but they’re sure on our minds)
  • cuddling up Emmeline
  • grilling and eating as many meals as possible outside
  • harvesting and preserving and harvesting more (we have more basil and mint and zucchini and tomatoes than I know what to do with….I love it).
  • making all kinds of plans and goals to clean and organize and de-clutter…..going to the beach instead
  • getting ready for the Rockland preschool and “mommy school”
  • running…..I’m training to run a half marathon at the end of September.  I absolutely love it.  It’s so much easier to exercise when there’s a sheet of paper that tells me each day what I have to do….as if there’s no choice in the matter.  I’m starting to really enjoy running.  A lot.

Here are a few pictures.  I have been deliberately horrible at taking pictures of our family adventures lately.  I just don’t want to add anything else to the pile of images I have waiting to be edited.  E-Mail8

Emmeline is our “perma-grin” girl.  Seriously, this kid smiles pretty much all the time.  None of us can get enough of her.  E-Mail9  Good thing Charlie has Saul…..they make a perfectly self assured match.

Happy End of Summer Everyone.


  1. Love your list...and that adorable Lemon-Lime! What an adorable child! Good luck with HomeSchool. Birthday gift on the way for Hazel!

  2. Saydi,
    Can you send Jeff's email address to ben.eyre@imaginelearning.com. I need to ask him something. Thanks!



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