Friday, May 06, 2011

Easter Happenings

I had such high hopes of really getting Easter right this year.  Why in the world I thought I could bring my ambitious plan into fruition is beyond me.  Sleep deprivation can really alter your brain.  Next year I’m going to get more of it right (and do all the cool things my sister does to commemorate each day of the holy week) but I have to pat myself on the back….we made it through the most important parts of Easter.  I’m even pretty confident my children felt the true spirit of Easter and that their knowledge and appreciation of our Savior grew.   And that’s what I’m aiming for.

My brother Tal and his wife Anita came into town on Thursday afternoon.  They are a dream to have around.   They are kind and energetic and engaged with my kids (all things that I’ve not been so great at lately). They build forts and take them on adventures.  Tal tells them stories and teaches them things.  Anitia responds when they need something.  It all feels like a big vacation for me when they’re around.  I get to talk to interesting adults who are basically taking care of my kids.  Heaven. 

On Thursday night we had a very simplified Passover Sedar.   We set the table with the Jerusalem pottery that I got when I studied abroad in Israel, lit the candles, broke out the Matzah bread, served up a rack of lamb and drank the traditional four glasses of wine (grape juice).   We talked about what happened at the last supper and the way Christ might have observed the Passover before his crucifixion.  We even ate the Maror (bitter herb….horseradish) and Haroset (a combination of apples and nuts) to symbolize the bitterness of bondage and the sweet hope of freedom and a better life.  We retold the story of Moses and the Exodous of the Jews from Egypt.    

I think the highlight was the horseradish.  It’s supposed to make you tear up to remember how hard the Jews life was under bondage and boy did it ever make Hazel and Tal tear up as they both ate bit spoonfuls.  Man that stuff is strong! The rest of us were in tears laughing at how strong their reaction was.  I’m not sure if Hazel will be so brave again next year.


On friday we took a day trip out to Wellesley.  It was beautiful as always. We spent most of our time lazing around on the great lawn while Tal taught the kids a thing or two about kicking a soccer ball and rolling down hills.  IMG_0483

This is the only picture I have of that day…..but don’t you LOVE it?  These two girls were so sweet playing on that big lawn.  I think one of my greatest joys is watching them together. 

On Saturday we died Easter Eggs. 

IMG_1370IMG_1368IMG_1371We were so happy to have Anita around who showed us some new techniques that her mom used when she was little.  Like how to stick a leaf to the egg and then wrap it tightly with a nylon before sticking it into the dye.  I loved how they came out. IMG_1374IMG_1381IMG_1372Charlie mostly liked getting the gold egg paint all over his hands.  There is something cool about having golden hands.  IMG_1373IMG_1375IMG_1376And then on Sunday, after finding some little treats and clothes left by the Easter Bunny and scarfing down some Eggs Benedict ( I love that stuff!), we had our traditional Cemetery Easter Egg Hunt.  I love it that our Easter Bunny hides eggs in a Cemetery.  Yes, it’s a little strange, but it’s a beautifully peaceful place to be on an Easter morning, and so much more beautiful and fitting than our asphalt filled back yard!IMG_1402I also love it that for the first time since we moved into our house (6 years) it was warm enough to wear real Easter clothes instead of down coats, scarves and gloves.  It was pretty darn glorious. IMG_1395IMG_1386IMG_1391IMG_1405IMG_1409This was the first year Emmeline really got the idea of finding eggs.  It was adorable. 

IMG_1419IMG_1424Emmeline was DELIGHTED when Anitia pointed out to her that the “rocks” inside those plastic eggs actually tasted like chocolate!IMG_1425IMG_1427And then it was off to get ready for Church and Peter’s blessing.  We were so happy to have such a great Easter team.  IMG_1429

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  1. You are amazing Sayds. I love your thoughts, I love the passover dinner thing, I love the hunt in the cemetery, I love the leaf-eggs, and I love you guys!!!



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