Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mom’s Rock.


Moms rock.  Just look at these images.   The love swirling around these scenes makes me stop in my tracks.   Look at all the love and beauty and power packed into those relationships.  I don’t only see dedicated, selfless, loving moms -- I see the the magic that children have over their mothers.  Magic that propels moms forward to keep doing and sacrificing and working.  The equation that is motherhood is a marvel. 

I’m trying to enjoy motherhood today, instead of seeing the day as a time to escape from my mothering duties I want to relish them like I talked about here

So, I’m off to do just that, but before I do, three mother’s day gifts I think you should give yourself:


1. Hand your husband the camera and make him take some pictures of you with your kids.  And when you look at the pictures, don’t let the thoughts of how you don’t like how you look float through your brain for even one second…...get beyond that and look at that most amazing love floating in the air around you.  See the beauty of your own mothering.  I promise if you look at it right you’ll see something amazing. Read more about my thoughts on this here and here

2. My sisters and I just released some podcasts about motherhood.  As funny as I think it is that I have a podcast, the topics are pretty thought provoking and a great thing to listen to while cleaning the kitchen.  My sister Saren has released them on her website, Power of Mom’s as a mother’s day present… treat yourself and pass them on to your friends. Here’s the link. image

3. If you want to read some really inspiring stuff about motherhood check out this issue of Exponent II.  It’ll make you think and laugh and cry.

Now I’m off to drink in this day of mothering.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. mother it up sis. i love you.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Saydi!

    Mothers do rock!

  3. The Internet went wonky when I tried to comment on this. Just want you to know that I love you and I love what comes out of your mind!



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