Friday, May 27, 2011

Mother’s Day, 2011

I love Mother’s Day. They just keep getting better and better.  Partly it’s that I think I’ve figured out what it’s all about, partly it’s that I’ve lowered my expectations and partly it’s that my kids are getting big enough to really get it.  IMG_1784Mother’s Day started with the annual Mother’s Day Pageant at the Rockland.  I love that school so much, and I love mother’s day there.  The kids all sing you songs, make you all kinds of cards and bake you your own little cake.  IMG_1751Charlie was pretty psyched to give me all my stuff and show off as he sang. 

Oh actual mother’s day Sunday the kids made me an awesome breakfast and showered me with praise and gifts.   Hazel has been saving up money for weeks and she decided to go and blow a full $15 on me for Mother’s Day.  Jeff said there was no persuading her otherwise.  She wanted to spend all her money on me.  She bought me some tulips and three bags of my favorite candy.  She is a generous little soul,  remember this tear jerking story?  As soon as she has any money she wants to just give it away. IMG_1904

We went on a beautiful hike through the cemetery and up into “the enchanted forest.”   It was a rare warm spring day (it’s been so cold here!) which was a gift in and of itself.  We did this same hike last year too, and maybe the year before, so I guess it’s our mother’s day tradition.  It was beautiful.  And Jeff even took the camera (at my embarrassed urging) and took some pictures of me with the kids.  Doesn’t Hazel look thrilled?  Isn’t Charlie’s outfit awesome? (That’s what happens when mom gets a day off dressing the kids.)IMG_1908IMG_1928

I love being a mom.  I really do.


  1. Me too. Because you're one of the kids!

  2. Love the outfits, Hazel's face, and the fact that you get it. You most definitely get it! Happy Mother's Day my sweet friend.

  3. I just stumbled onto your personal site and I just wanted to say your kids are beautiful! You really are a super mom with 4 kids! I am barely keeping sane with only Keoni. Seeing your awesome hiking photo with your kids almost makes me want another one! Almost... =)

  4. Saydi, I just read your birth post. It was really wonderful. So many parts were reminiscent of my birth experiences particularly that near freak out/loss of control/fear moment before transition. I feel like my last birth (in March too) was "My Birth". I just knew I could do it all and I was in control. It was such a cool experience. I'm glad you loved each moment too.

  5. Hello dear Saydi, just thought of your blog today and took a peak to see what you guys have been up to. I love your writing, your photos, your kids, your beautiful words about life and motherhood. Thank you! I wish we still lived nearby (and someday if we can have children, I'll really wish I could be around you so I could watch and learn from a pro.) Have a wonderful day!



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